Curriculum line Film & New Media

Film and (new) media offer an excellent way of connecting to children’s natural and intrinsic motivation to discover and give shape to the world around. But it is important for children to learn that media means more than Netflix, YouTube, internet and social media. Media is a form of art.

In 2019, Cinekid is launching a pilot project with five schools aimed at integrating a film & new media education programme into the school curriculum. We will watch, create, reflect and discuss, and will learn about media, about art, about makers, about the world around, and about ourselves.

This curriculum line is a collaborative project by Cinekid, primary schools and local film theatres, with primary school pupils in the ages of 4 to 12 as target group. It offers a comprehensive set of receptive, reflective and active work methods. Consisting of various project components, the goal of this embedded curriculum line is to teach children to critically view and assess media and film, to create their own media and film productions, and to experience special media art productions, as part of developing their personal taste.

Specific components of the project are:

  •  Participating as a jury school in the Cinekid National Audience Award
  •  Preparatory workshop programme ‘Who are you?’
  •  School competition ‘Shorts by Kids’
  •  Visit to the festival