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Grand opening Cinekid Festival with world premiere of Captain Nova

2021-10-13 18:49:00

This afternoon, the 35th edition of the world’s largest children’s film and media festival Cinekid had its festive opening with the world premiere of the contemporary sci-fi movie Captain Nova.

At the brandnew main location Pathé Amsterdam Noord in the heart of Amsterdam Noord, the festival was kickstarted. This year, for the first time, Cinekid is a genuine nationwide festival taking place from 13 through 31 October at over thirty locations across the country, from Groningen to Maastricht.

Treading the red carpet at Pathé Amsterdam Noord were - apart from the cast and crew of Captain Nova, including Kika van de Vijver, Marouane Meftah (Mocro Maffia), Hannah van Lunteren (Swanenburg, Flikken Rotterdam), Robbert Bleij (Zenith, Toen wij de tijd hadden), Reinout Bussemaker (Commandos, De Oost), director and co-author Maurice Trouwborst (De Regels van Floor) and screenwriter Lotte Tabbers (De Regels van Floor) - many Dutch celebs such as Maaike Martens (De Luizenmoeder), Ferdi Stofmeel (De Regels van Floor, De Nog Grotere Slijmfilm), Elisa Beuger (De Regels van Floor, Micha Hulshof (Nieuwe Buren, Paradise Drifters), Huub Smit (De Oost, De Veroordeling), Olivia Lonsdale (Stanley H, De Belofte van Pisa) and Martijn Hillenius (Fissa, Sinterklaasjournaal), to celebrate the opening of Cinekid.

Opening Film Captain Nova
Ever since the development stage of this film project, Cinekid has been involved in Captain Nova. The contemporary youth film was selected for Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market in 2018. This year, Captain Nova competes for the prestigious Cinekid Lions in two competitions: Best Children’s Film Competition and Best Dutch Children’s Film Competition. In the suspenseful first feature film by director Maurice Trouwborst (De Regels van Floor), fighter pilot Nova is assigned to travel back in time from the year 2050, to prevent an eco-catastrophe in 2021.

The Festival
The rich and varied Cinekid programme is intended for all ages, featuring more than 50 long films and 120 short films. Cinekid has made a selection of films from as many as 43 different countries. Besides to watch movies, Cinekid is also a place to discover and explore. As in previous year, the MediaLab, consisting of stirring projects on the cutting edge of art, new media, technology and visual culture, stimulates visitors to embark on a fun and instructive voyage of discovery into the digital world.

Cinekid Play is the online festival of Cinekid. Very convenient if you do not live close to a festival location. For eight euros, you can enjoy the festival at home until 31 October, choosing from 14 specially selected feature films, 20 short films and 3 interactive works.

About Cinekid
Cinekid wants to amaze, entertain, connect and contribute to the development of children into independent, conscious and right-minded global citizens. To achieve this goal, Cinekid presents, produces, teaches and communicates with, by and about film and moving images in a languages that reaches children.

But Cinekid is also the international platform focussing on children’s film productions, in order to boost the range and quality of film productions and to connect the industry. The Cinekid Festival takes place from 13 through 31 October across the Netherlands. As of now, the programme is online and ticket sales have started. Follow the latest Cinekid news on Facebook, Instagram and via the Cinekid newsletter.

Cinekid for Professionals (CfP) is scheduled 19-22 October 2021. Want to attend CfP as a guest? You can find more information here. The Cinekid schools programme takes place 11-15 October 2021 at Het Ketelhuis, Rialto and Pathé Amsterdam Noord.