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2017 Cinekid Media Awards Winners Revealed

2017-10-25 22:10:00

On Wednesday evening, the 2017 Cinekid Media Awards were presented at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam. With these awards the best media projects for children from the past year are celebrated. Cinekid, and ECP | Platform voor InformatieSamenleving presented the Golden Lion, Golden Guppy and Golden Humming Bird.

The Golden Lion was conferred to SENSELESS FAIRYTALE by Geoffrey Lillemon & Anita Fontaine. EEN VERRE REIS by YipYip received the Golden Guppy and the Golden Humming Bird went to 17-year-old JEROEN DE WIT.

The Golden Lion jury award for the best media project was granted to the virtual reality game Senseless Fairytale by creators Geoffrey Lillemon & Anita Fontaine of WKDPTNR. In addition to a colourful award, the duo receives a cash prize of € 3,000.
The jury, consisting of John Olivieira, Arne Hendriks, Nicolaas Veul, Tessa de Boer, Hanna Piksen and Nadine Roestenburg, praises the project for the total immersive experience in which a child enters a complete virtual world and, while playing, learns to navigate the digital domain within a brilliant VR design. ‘Senseless Fairytale is internationally trendsetting for what we can ask, and hopefully expect, from virtual reality as a full-grown medium in the future.’
Young German artist Manja Ebert’s media installation Listen received an honourable mention. The jury was enticed by the way Ebert holds up a mirror to a new generation of media users to question social media as a playground for vloggers.
Virtual reality installation The Fair Grounds – Bananza! by DROPSTUFF and TeYosh clinched the Golden Lion audience award. All children who in the past week payed a visit to the Cinekid MediaLab, where the nominations for the Golden Lion are on display, could vote for their favourite piece. The winner of this audience award also receives a cash prize of € 3,000.

The Golden Guppy, a jury award from for the best app for infants and toddlers (0-6 years), was handed out to YipYip for their picture book app Een Verre Reis, adapted from Toon Tellegen’s story.
The jury, comprised of Hilde Tholen, Denise Bontje, Ilona Jens, René Glas, Niels ’t Hooft, Tomas Sala, Julienne van den Heuvel, Marijke Bos, Thomas Drucker and Merel Beunk, extols it as a beautiful app made with a good dose of love and attention. ‘Particularly the quality of the illustrations and the artistic value of the app made this entry stand out. In the process, a classic story is made available to a younger target audience than what the original story was meant for.’

An honourable mention was bestowed on the Kindergebarenapp from New Impulse Media & NSDSK. According to the jury, this app provides added value to the everyday surroundings of children who

are deaf or hard of hearing. ‘The app is gorgeous, functional and ethical and helps draw the children’s environment into their world. The jury was also charmed by the fact that the people making the signs in the videos are children themselves.’

The Golden Humming Bird, a jury award from ECP for the best digital media project made by children and teenagers up to the age of 18, was conferred to Jeroen de Wit (17) for his video Don’t Litter the Roadside. According to jury members Remco Pijpers, Jan Willem Huisman, Sophie Veraart and young creators Boyd Winkelman, Wilma Westenberg and Nick Jordan, Jeroen proves with his video about plastic litter that he is capable of clearly and professionally conveying a message with film. ‘The camera, sound and editing are very proficient. The jury is deeply impressed by the use of technical tools like drones. ‘

An honourable mention was granted to Femke van de Griendt (16) for her book blog Bibliofem. With this she manages to inspire and motivate young teenage girls to read books. ‘The jury can tell that Femke makes her blog with great passion and enjoyment. This makes what she does utterly convincing.’

Cinekid is the world’s largest media festival for children from 3 to 14 years old. More than 60,000 children and accompanying adults annually visit the festival at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and in 40 film theatres across the Netherlands. The festival comprises all aspects of the media industry for a young audience and offers, besides high-quality media, workshops and masterclasses where children can try their hand. Cinekid screens hundreds of extraordinary movies and TV programmes and uses the most innovative tools, games, installations, media art and apps to create the immensely popular MediaLab.

On Friday evening 27 October, at the Westergas theatre, the presentation will take place of Cinekid’s film and TV awards.

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