Film and television competitions 2018

We are proud the present the selection of the film and television competitions of Cinekid 2018. The winners will be announced during the Cinekid Film & Television Awards on 26 October in the Westergas Theater in Amsterdam.

Best Children’s Film

  • Alone in Space, director: Ted Kjellsson, production: Nice Drama AB, Sweden
  • Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, director: Kaspar Jancis & Henry Nicholson, production: Riho Unt, Nukufilm OÜ, Estland/Ireland/Belgium/United Kingdom
  • Gordon & Paddy,  director: Linda Hambäck, production: LEE Film, Stockholm AB, Sweden
  • Home Team, director: Carlos Andrés Morelli, production: La Gota de Cine, Brasil/Argentina/Uruguay
  • I am William, director: Jonas Elmer, production: Meta Film Rights ApS, Denmark
  • Invisible Sue, director: Markus Dietrich, production: ostlicht filmproduktion GmbH, Germany/Luxembourg
  • Land of Glass, director: Jeppe Vig Find & Marie Rønn, production: Pilot Film, Denmark
  • Los Bando, director: Christian Lo, production: Filmbin AS, Norway/Sweden
  • Mirai, director: Mamoru Hosoda, production: Studio Chizu, Japan
  • Short Cut, director: Jakub Šmíd, production: Czech Television, Czech Republic
  • Supa Modo, director: Likarion Wainaina, production: One Fine Day Films, Germany/ Kenya
  • The War Game, director: Goran Kapetanovic, production: Copenhagen Bombay Sweden, Denmark/Sweden
  • Wangdrak's Rain Boots, director: Lhapal Gyal, production: Beijing Youth Film Studio, China
  • Winter Flies, director: Olmo Omerzu, production: Endorfilm, Poland/Czech Republic


Best Dutch Family Film

  • The Smart Family, director: Roy Poortmans, production: Just Productions
  • Bo, director: Johan Timmers, production: The Film Kitchen
  • Ceres, director: Janet van den Brand, production: Diplodokus/Tangerine Tree
  • Super Miss, director: Martijn Smits, production: PV Pictures BV
  • The Iceland Gang, director: Mans van den Berg, production: NOBS Entertainment BV
  • Wild Amsterdam, director: Mark Verkerk, production: EMS Films
  • Misfit, director: Erwin van den Eshof, production: NewBeTV
  • Plaster Cast, director: Janneke van Heesch, production: PV Pictures BV


Best International Animated Short Film

  • Dragon Sledge, director: Evgeniya Jirkova, production: Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, Russia
  • Between the Lines, director: Maria Koneva, production: Aqwarius Film Ltd, Russia
  • Lost & Found, director: Bradley Slabe, production: Andrew Goldsmith, Wabi Sabi Studios, Australia
  • KUAP, director: Nils Hedinger, production: Prêt-à-tourner, Switzerland
  • Penguin, director: Julia Ocker, production: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH, Germany
  • Planet Z - Surprise Egg, director: Maria Björklund, production: Pyjama Films Ltd, Finland
  • The Theory of Sunset, director: Roman Sokolov, production: Petersburg Animation Studio, Russia
  • Robot & the Whale, director: Jonas Forsman, production: Hobab, Sweden
  • White Crow, director: Miran Miošić, production: Zagreb film, Croatia
  • Talent Scout, director: Jose Alberto & Vicente Herrera, 12 Pingüinos S.L, Spain
  • No Gravity, director: Supinfocom Rubika, France
  • Stuffed, director: Supinfocom Rubika, France
  • Wanda, director: Denise Hauser, production: Klipp og Lim as, Norway
  • Whiteland, director: Ira Elshansky, Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio, Russia
  • Link, director: Robert Löbel, Germany
  • Two Balloons, director: Mark Smith, production: Four Winters, United States
  • Night Moves, director: Falk Schuster, production: animated-stories, Germany
  • Brooklyn Breeze, director: Alex Budovsky, production: Figli Migli Productions, Colombia/United States
  • Ice Nose, director: Veronica L. Montaño & Joel Hofmann, production: Tiny Giant GmbH, Switzerland
  • Coucouleurs, director: Oana Lacroix, production: JApictures Sàrl, Switzerland
  • Out Fishing, director: Uzi Geffenblad, production: Zigzag Animation AB, Sweden
  • New Neighbours, director: Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio & Giacomo Rinaldi, production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Scuola nazionale di cinema - corso di animazione, Italy
  • Fill and Moo, director: Toshiko Hata, production: World Theater Project, Japan
  • The Bird and the Whale, director: Carol Freeman, production: Paper Panther Productions, Ireland
  • The Amazing Little Worm, director:  Anna Gentilini, production: AgentPoppy, United Kingdom/Austria
  • Drops, director: Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop & Sarah Joy Jungen, production: GotFat Productions, Denmark
  • BaDaBoo: The Boat Trip, director: Glenn D'Hondt & Karim Rhellam, production: Creative Conspiracy, Belgium


Best Dutch Short


  • Polska Warrior, director: Camiel Schouwenaar, production: Armadillo Film
  • Mister Paper Goes Out for a Walk, director: Steven De Beul & Ben Tesseur, production: A Private View
  • Bloeistraat 11, director: Nienke Deutz, production: Lunanime
  • Cake Day, director: Jeroen Koelewijn, production: HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
  • Tides, director: Fleur Sophie de Boer, production: HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
  • The Fish, Man and Monster, director: Nik ter Beek, production: HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
  • A Cup of Joe, director: Samantha Williams, production: Submarine
  • Cycle, director: Sophie Olga de Jong & Sytske Kok, production: CinéTé Filmproduktie bv


  • Listen, director: Astrid Bussink, production: Een van de jongens
  • My Happy Complicated Family, director: Tessa Louise Pope, production: Hazazah Pictures
  • Kendis, director: Bibi Fadlalla, production: Hazazah Pictures
  • Little Fire, director: Nicky Maas, production: Tangerine Tree
  • Lenno and the Angelfish, director: Shamira Raphaela, production: Tangerine Tree
  • The Children's Mayor, director: Susan Koenen, production: Hollandse Helden
  • Outside In, director: Els van Driel, production: Witfilm
  • Rico & Andy, director: Nirit Peled, production: Hazazah Pictures

Live Action

  • A Kiss, director: Nima Mohaghegh, production: Black Sheep can Fly
  • Fucking Cola, director: Sophie van de Pol, production: IJswater Films
  • I Made This for Mum, director: Melanie Essink, production: HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
  • Double D, director: Fey Lehiane, production: HKU - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
  • Pril, director: Niek Roozen, production: LOER Filmproducties
  • Sisters, director: Daphne Lucker, production: Netherlands Film Academy
  • One of the Boys, director: Ivo van Aart, production: Dutch Mountain Film
  • Daydreaming, director: Yim Brakel, production: Dutch Mountain Film


Best Dutch Series


  • De eindmusical, director: Timon Moll, production: AVROTROS
  • The Road to Boxing Eve, director: Anna van Keimpema, production: NL Film & TV
  • Puppy Patrol, director: Annemarie Mooren, production: Annemarie Mooren Productions
  • SpangaS Summer Fever, director: Nick Jongerius, production: NL Film & TV
  • Mister Twister, director: Anielle Webster, Jorkos Damen, Diede in ’t Veld, production: PV Pictures BV
  • The Ludwigs - The Secret of the Relatives, director: Erwin van den Eshof, Hans Somers, production: Blooming Media
  • Circus Noël, director: Dennis Bots, production: Phanta Basta!
  • Floor Rules, director: Maurice Trouwborst, production: NL Film & TV
  • Evi & Co, director: Hilt Lochten, production: IJswater Films 


  • Cake Stories, director: Renee Lacroix, production Kleine Storm
  • One Week to Go, director: Inge Tol & Jan Pieter Schaap, production: NTR
  • Idea Mash, director: Eva Nijsten, production: NTR
  • Outdoors Bound, director: Stefan Coppers, Steven Wouterlood & Doesjka van Hoogdalem, production: NTR
  • The Apple Core, director: Inge Tol & Jan Pieter Schaap, production: NTR
  • Cooking Adventures, director: Willem Revis, Tom Roes & Tim van Gils, production: BlazHoffski Productions
  • The Viral Factory, director: Niels Oosthoek, production: Ondertekend
  • The Locker, director: Lotte van Gaalen, Doron Tempert, Claire Meulemeesters, production: HUMAN
  • ReChill, director: Sacha Vermeulen, production: BlazHoffski Productions