Claire Boonstra, keynote speaker at Film Literacy Seminar

Exploring Visual Culture. Tuesday 23 October.

“How can we change education systems and practices and align them with the education we strive for?”, Claire Boonstra asks on her website. “Before talking about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, we first have to discuss the ‘why’”, she states.

Cinekid, EFCA, EYE and FLICK are delighted to welcome Claire Boonstra as keynote speaker at the upcoming Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture, to be held October 23 in Amsterdam. As founder of Operation Education and known for her ability to seek the answers we need in order to move forward, Claire is invited to kick off the seminar and inspire us to ask the right questions to put film education on the map across all European schools.

How can we, as non-educators but nevertheless passionate about getting film onto the curriculum, lead change and encourage schools to join us in exploring visual culture? Or should we be asking ‘why’ first?

The seminar will be an inspiring day, delivered within an international context/environment, that will allow for exchange and the broadening of  perspectives on visual culture as well as the role of film in the cultural and educational debate.

Following Claire Boonstra’s keynote, international best practices will be discussed, and within hands-on ‘how to’ sessions we will zoom in on a wide variety of topics, addressing challenges such as: how can we work together to create a powerful film and media lobby? What are the do’s and dont’s for successful collaboration on both national and European level? And how do we get film in schools as part of the standard curriculum?   

Cinekid, EFCA, Eye, and FLICK look forward to welcoming you October 23 at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.

Accreditation requests for single tickets for the Film Literacy Seminar will open August 28.

Accreditation requests for combination tickets for Cinekid for Professionals + Industry Forum + Film Literacy Seminar can be found here.

About Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra, former co-founder of tech company Layar, WEF Tech Pioneer and Young Global Leaders, founded œ Operation Education in 2012. œ Is a Dutch non-profit which creates space for transformation towards the education we strive for, and develops programs, networks and an architecture to enable educational leaders to lead change.