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Visit the Cinekid Festival with your class! We welcome you throughout the month of October, in Amsterdam and in (film) theatres across the country.

In 2017, more than 10,000 pupils from all over the Netherlands visited our festival. They rated their visit with an average score of 8.8*. A visit to Cinekid can be part of a project or education programme devoted to: media wisdom, critical viewing, film education, digital literacy, civic education.
An impact survey shows that a Cinekid film is found to be more inspiring than a mainstream film, by both children and parents. Seeing a Cinekid film also gives pupils a better idea of the range of feature films on offer**.

What do we have in store for you and your class in 2018? Here’s a first taste of things to come.


*Evaluations Festival for schools 2017
**Research on impact 'Meer dan naar de film' 2017

Film: Next Door Spy
Next Door Spy was the opening film of Cinekid 2017: a lively and imaginative animation film about the clever but somewhat awkward girl Agatha Christie and her own detective agency.

When: throughout the month of October, in film theatres across the country.

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MediaLab 2018
The MediaLab is the largest digital playground in the context of film. It is the place for children to actively and creatively immerse themselves in the world of media through workshops, interactive installations and the latest creative media techniques. It is all about media you can see and experience, and often personally make as well.

When: 17 and 18 October 2018, Cinekid Festival Amsterdam

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Jury School 
Teach your pupils to view films with a critical eye. Register with us as a Jury School and you will receive the audience award package for use in the classroom, consisting of films, lesson materials and voting ballots. Available for all primary schools across the country.

When: the jury period takes place in September 2018, at your own school.

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