Programme Amsterdam announced

It's here: the programme of Cinekid 2018! Take a look.

Take a look at the programme of Amsterdam!

The media jungle is the overarching theme of the 32nd edition of the festival. It serves as a source of inspiration for the programming, and there is a strong link to everyday reality: the jungle, as a metaphor for the massive and unchecked proliferation of media, as a riotous growth that increasingly spreads its tentacles across the world. We are living amidst a wild and pristine media nature that we cannot grasp or control, that is intriguing and complex, and often a great deal of fun. This jungle exposes us to a flood of sensory stimulation and a kaleidoscopic visual culture in all shapes and sizes. And Cinekid aims to be the guide to show children the path through the bushes.

Aside from being a metaphor for the huge range of media on offer, the actual jungle is also a rich and contemporary topic.

Watching and wanting to understand fauna and flora is a classic theme; indeed, children and particularly animals form an excellent combination. Animals are omnipresent in toys, stories and children’s media. Disney films, in which animals assume all sorts of human characters, and films with animals as the main character such as Lassie, Flipper, Black Beauty or the Belle and Sebastian films, are full of symbolism about friendship; and time and again the clever animal achieves the most wonderful feats.

The relation between cinematography and animals form the subject of countless scholarly studies, exploring not just the cuddliness on the silver screen but also insights pertaining to post-humanism, to the function of mirroring the human soul, and many other profound themes.

All these values are an important source of inspiration for Cinekid. They fit with the goal of bringing the quality and diversity of children’s media to the attention of the target group through a diversity of programmes, but also by engaging the children actively in themes that appeal to them.

The Cinekid Festival takes place from 20 to 26 October at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and visits almost 40 film theaters across the country from 13 to 28 October.