Cinekid Movie tips for the Christmas Holidays

Every year VPRO works together with Cinekid to make a list of the 100 movies you must have seen as a child. Find out down below what movies will be shown this Christmas on TV or on Netflix.

On television

  • Master Frog
    The master of Sita has a secret: every now and then he changes into a frog. He only has to think about such a beast and it can all go wrong. If the school gets a new mean principel, the master will run some serious danger.
    23 dec, 9.20 am (NPO Zapp)

  • Shaun the sheep
    When the naughty Shaun starts to get bored on Mossy Bottom Farm, he devises a plan to get some more action around him. But it gets totally out of control and the farmer ends up with amnesia in the big city. What now? 
    24 dec, 11.10 pm (BBC 1)

  • Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
    Empathise with inventor Wallace and his dog Gromit in their fight against a monstrous rabbit. Did you know that this film is made with clay animation and the makers therefore could only recorde 3 seconds of film per day.
    25 dec, 12 am (BBC 1)

  • The wizard of Oz
    This classic movie is  famous around the world. Dorothy and her little dog Toto are taken by a tornado to the enchanted world of Oz. Together with Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion she goes looking for the wizard, who might know how they can go home.
    29 dec, 12.05 pm (NET 5)

  • Knoester  
    Junior comes from Norway and has just moved into the countryside. His best friend is Kaikai, a piece of wood. Together they explore the new place and experience great adventures.
    2 jan, 13:00 hours (NPO Zapp)

On Netflix

  • War secrets
    Two friends have secrets during the war, but not just for the Germans. Can parents still trust their children, and children their parents?

  • DS Boskampi's
    "Hey, you talking to me?! ' The Boskampi's is a real tough gangster film for children. Rik is super cool and funny, but is his silly father really a mafia boss?

  • E.T. The Extra-terrestrial
    Another classic movie! A boy takes a lost alien to his home, but he must hide it from adults, who will not understand it.

Via On Demand

  • Paddington 2
    This is a real family movie! The dear Paddington Bear gets problems with a master disguiser and accidentally ends up in prison. Will this end up good!?

  • Boys
    The father of Sieger has little time for him: his brother Eddie demands all the attention. During the summer holidays sportive Sieger meets Marc. He feels attracted to him. Confusing!
    NPO Start
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